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NDPP - Motivational Interviewing Running Motivational Interview Training courses together with Local Authorities and Diabetes Prevention

Mindfulness Courses - within Private Sector

Brain Training Classes - Held over the course of 10 weeks as a night school

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Mind Bootcamp

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN FOR A BETTER FUTURE Your mind can be your Best Friend providing you with tons of useful information or it can be your Worst Enemy dragging you down with old negative stories and nagging worries that will keep you awake at night and miserable and drained during the day. Why not join my Brain Training Classes? I will teach you how to master the brain to enable it to take you wherever you want to go. I will give you lessons and tools for your life's tool kit so that when sticky situations come along you will be able to handle them better. Using basic meditation and relaxations methods along with a mixture of my own life lessons, NLP, Life Coaching and Counselling skills I can teach you to flow with life and with people. You can begin to sleep better, think smarter, live easier, be more alert and aware, have more energy and much better relationships. Once you start this course, as long as you do the exercises and you incorporate it into your life it WILL change beyond recognition. It is a course of 10 lessons of 1 ½ Hours held at various locations in the North West of England.

Please book your place early to ensure you are booked on the ride of your life.

Only £65 for the whole 10 lessons which will be run consecutively, so that if you miss lesson 3 this time you can do it again next time round here or at any venue. There is also the option to pay £25 on week 1 and then 2 payments of £20 on weeks 2 and 3. Please contact

Take that first brave step TODAY to a new life and a new you

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