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I was 25 years old when I obtained my qualifications in Counselling Skills. I felt so grateful to be able to help people through the tough times and I think that was when I mentally made the decision that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I have spent years taking people on journeys through turmoil into new beginnings.

I gained my qualification in Life Coaching in 2013. Coaching and Goal setting are priceless in getting to where you want to go and to being who it is that you want to be. "If you have a dream, you have the ability to make that dream come true." I believe that Coaching is the bridge that enables you to cross the threshold to a new you. Most people who have goals become incredibly successful in whatever it is that they set out to achieve.

Over the years I have learnt alot through life's lessons. I have travelled extensively throughout the World, living in lots of countries, learning about different cultures and some of the struggles that go with that. I have been a single parent to an Amazing son called Daniel who is everything a Mother could want a son to be. I have Directed Film Festivals, ran a Celebrity Chef restaurant, attended a Hero program in the States and joined William Whitecloud on a magical journey whilst living in London.

I have had many experiences which I call on to help people to face their own fears, to realise their strengths and their worth and to learn how to love and forgive themselves and others.

I also love to use NLP exercises – NLP can change your life within 1 hour. It is incredible the difference that I see in my clients in such a short time. NLP looks at the way that the mind works and teaches us way to calm and control it.It teaches us how to stop reacting to other peoples nonsense. We dont need to know why they are like they are, we just have to learn that we are all VERY VERY different and how to respect those differences.

IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) has changed my life. This non-evasive therapy changes people instantly by removing adn reducing stuck trauma. I have had the most incredible results with children who are on the autistic spectrum and ADHD sufferers. It's magic and you have to experience it to see just how magical it is.

OldPain2Go is the reducer of chronic pain. By conversing with the Unconscious mind we can begin to reduce pain in just over 1 hour. This is going to change the way people are medicated and in reducing their pain will mean that they can live a more normal way of life without the constant agony of Chronic Pain in their lives. I have seen huge changes happen before my eyes. Clients with severe Rheumatoid Arthiritis have touched their toes in front of me after having to be helped up the stairs beforehand. It is incredible!!!

My Mind Bootcamp (Train your Brain to a better future) is a set of 10 lessons in which I take people on a journey to learn all about training the mind to be our best friend instead of our worst enemy. It is very important that you are in control of your mind instead of allowing your mind to control you. See Mind Camp Page for more details.

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What can I expect from my sessions?

Every session is different dependant on what you would like to work on. You take the lead if there is something that you would like help with, maybe you just need to talk a situation through with somebody who will know what questions to ask you to help you look at things from different perspectives. All within a completely confidential and safe environment.

We will take a journey to learn all about training the mind to be our best friend instead of our worst enemy and how this is a very successful way to deal with the most difficult issues in life. It is very important that you are in control of your mind instead of allowing your mind to control and run away with you.

You are the Most Important Person in the World to you. You deserve to be Happy, Confident, Strong, Positive and Secure.

Are you teaching your children the insecurities that you have lived with all of your life. Is it time to change now so that you can change their future for them?

If you are constantly stressed and anxious, how are you coping with the World around you, are you always tired, niggly, living with anxiety, guilt, as you know you are not showing people the best side of you. Do you feel lost and alone even when you are with the people you love? You can begin to CHANGE THIS NOW.

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Counselling In Rochdale

Relationship Counselling can be priceless in saving your partnership, it can also help you to interact with each other on a different level. In helping you understand where each of you are coming from it can create a new strong bond between you that you didn't know was possible.

Do you want to bridge the gap that has grown between you? Do you seem to be on a different planet than your partner? Lost your way and just don't know how to make it right? Please see Relationship Coaching & Counselling page in Services.

Counselling Skills facilitate recovery when the challenges of life can get too much to bear which impair our daily lives or erode our happiness. It can help you to find parts of you that you thought were lost.

Counsellors do not give advice, they help you to find your own answers and that’s what helps towards you achieving acceptance, understanding and a different outlook or approach to the situation. Please see my Counselling Page in Services.

Take that first brave step TODAY to a new life and a new you

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