IEMT - Trauma, PTSD, PTSS, Extreme Anger or Anxiety, Abuse

What is Integral Eye Movement Therapy?

IEMT – Changes strong and stuck emotions and feelings and can even change emotional identity imprints.

“How did I learn to feel this way about that thing?”

So when you were little your Mum was stung by a bee, she had a bad reaction to it and after the sting she cried, shouted and looked a little crazy! She was taken to the hospital and you didn’t see her for hours. It was the first time that you ever saw your Mum cry and that made you feel very sad and out of control as there was nothing that you could do about it.

This situation as a 4 year old child may spark a pattern of I am scared of bees. I have to be in control at all times to keep my loved ones safe. I felt lost and alone and as if somehow it could have been my fault. I felt guilty.

These feelings continue to grow throughout our lives and become compacted when similar things happen over the years, creating huge issues around Fear, Control, uncertainty, guilt. Each time this happens it makes the original emotions magnify along with those attached feelings.

By using IEMT we can reduce the stuck/strong emotion or feeling within a very short space of time.

 I see it like peeling an onion. Over the years stuck feelings and emotions have been magnified and so can then lead to Anger, Worry, Anxiety, Stress and Fear. These feelings can then become very irrational unless dealt with. We peel away each layer of stuck emotion. IEMT is brilliant for releasing these old patterns and I have found it EXTREMELY effective for the following:

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • All kinds of abuse
  • Trauma

Try IEMT you will not be disappointed!

More information from Andrew T Austin:

*Integral Eye Movement Therapy was developed by Andrew T. Austin based on the original work by Connirae and Steve Andreas and has been taught internationally in the USA, Israel, England, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland and India. The advanced IEMT training has adopted some of the key areas of research by Dutch social psychologist, Lucas Derks and psychotherapist, David Grove. For the practitioner, IEMT is about precise calibration to the client. Unlike other treatments involving eye movements, with IEMT the eye movements are neither random nor simply a repetitive left and right movement in the hope that change will occur. The training provides the tools for the practitioner to precisely calibrate which axis through which to move the eyes enabling the exploration work to occur with precision and at a remarkable speed.

IEMT is not the grand unified theory of therapy and change work and is still a developing model, but has proven to be a very useful adjunctive for the trained therapists and when used in the right hands can provide an excellent remedial tool for emotional change and a generative tool for identity change. Practitioners are reporting that IEMT enables excellent results where previously a good outcome might have appeared improbable.*

Andrew T Austin, creator of IEMT


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