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Achieve Happiness welcomes Carmel into the fold. We are proud to have such a knowledgeable and passionate Nutritionist working with us. Please read Carmel’s story below and feel free to send any questions you have to

If you would like to make an appointment to see Carmel then please call us on 07412 443313.

Mediterranean and Nordic influences have shaped Carmel Berke’s approach to diet and food. Born in Israel, she moved to Finland with her family at the age of 6.

“My parents live a self-sufficient life in the wilds of Finland. I was taught to forage from a young age for berries and mushrooms. I was fishing before I could read, ice fishing.”

At 19, Carmel moved back to Israel, to the Kibbutz, the communal farm, where she was born. Looking back on her time in her birthplace, Carmel remembered:

“There is no produce to compete with the tomatoes and avocados grown under the Mediterranean sun. The flavours are sublime. Here I could experiment with spices in recipes dating back generations; Jewish cuisine, Arabic, Druze. I have learnt to make coffee with Bedouin, I was taught to make shakshuka which tasted so good you would think about it all day”.

A quick look at her instagram page @carminutri shows that this is someone who practices what she preaches.

Driven by her passion for food and a belief that a healthy lifestyle and diet can improve mental and physical wellbeing, Carmel enrolled on a degree in Human Nutrition and graduated with first class honors, after moving to Manchester.

She has since worked on a voluntary basis with charities close to her heart to run nutrition based workshops. At the FED, a leading care home and outreach charity, Carmel taught the importance of nutrition to staff and residents with an aim to improve the wellbeing of service users.

As a proponent of female empowerment, Carmel has also worked with a multi-title winning young female boxer to advise her on nutrition as she strives to reach her dreams of competing in the next Olympic Games.

In her working life, Carmel worked in the NHS and has advised care homes on how they can improve systems and provision of healthier meals for care users, with a view to tackling malnutrition and runs workshops and one on one sessions for people diagnosed with type ii diabetes where she advises on improving diet.

Carmel also works as a nutritionist for Age UK within a cutting edge program aimed at fighting malnutrition and dehydration in the elderly population and her belief is in sustainable, scientifically supported diets.

“I do not believe in crash diets, or cutting out food-groups. This cannot last. I believe in empowering. I believe in teaching people about what good food is and learning to balance it, to control portions and to change lifestyles. This can be maintained and will lead to improved lives and health.”

If you would like to make an appointment to see Carmel then please call us on 07412443313.

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