Loving myself? What's in it for me?

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Do you love yourself ? Do you know that it is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself in your life.

How come you ask? Well everything starts from who we are. If we don’t like ourselves, How can we be confident? How can we have great relationships? How can we live a life of fulfilment? How can we teach our children to love themselves? I could go on.

I am not saying that each of us should be perfect because as human beings we were never made to be perfect. We came here to make mistakes to learn from and grow. It is about finding our faults and loving them as well. Ok some you may want to change but most of our niggly faults are part of our character and if we change our character – who are we then?

I am sure that you have had or been friends with someone who has had a partner who has changed you or them as a person, the way they do things, talk, walk, dress etc etc.

Then what happens? The relationship breaks down because they no longer love or fancy the person that they have created. How come? Well even though we like people who are like us! We do not always fancy or become attracted to them. Once we change our partner to become like us they are no longer a mystery or a challenge, they are just another part of us and that becomes boring. So then they go out to find a new person who is nothing like them and then they start to try to change the new person and the whole cycle starts all over again.

Now what happens when we learn to love ourselves? We know our good points and our bad points and we love ourselves that much that we do not want to change the way we are for anybody. We become more secure in our relationships because we know that we love ourselves and that we will be happy with our without this person (who is trying to change us) in our lives.

It’s about wanting the other person instead of needing them. This is a very attractive trait, as we humans do not cope well with needy people.

So how do we learn to love ourselves? Well for me it was a long and extremely beneficial road that I travelled. I don’t believe that it is attained from just one or even two lessons.

I believe it is a mix of lots of different exercises and lessons that created this amazing love that I have for myself. However, the most important thing is starting somewhere. The A to Z of Happiness is a great place to start.

How does this exercise become so powerful, well our conscious mind thinks it knows everything, in theory it doesn’t know a lot and the bit it does know has only been programmed by other people, events and the sub conscious mind. Now our sub conscious mind tells us what to do, think, feel, behave – yes so you think well that’s easy then, I will just tell my sub conscious what to do. Unfortunately this does not work. We have to get passed the constant chattering of mindless, repetitive rubbish that is the conscious mind (worry, stress, anger) before we can get to our sub conscious and that is where the lessons that I teach come into play.

The A to Z of happiness, especially when it is performed in front of a mirror, get’ s into our sub conscious and that’s where the magic starts to happen. We begin to change; we begin to re-programme our sub conscious in ways that will leave you amazed. 30 days of carrying out the A to Z in front of a mirror will start you off on a very strong footing towards loving yourself.

Remember Fake it until you make it, well even if you (at first) don’t believe what you are repeating – keep going. The sub conscious does not know the difference, so if you are repeating I am Beautiful into a mirror enough times – you WILL start to believe it and not only will you believe it you will feel it also. What is amazing about this is that when you feel it and you believe it it becomes true. You do start to look beautiful !

Imagine how much better you will treat yourself once you love yourself. Not only yourself though, you will start to treat others differently, as they are no longer competition for you. Why is that you ask, well if you love yourself you will want others to love themselves to as it makes you feel so good. In wanting good things for others you almost feel sorry for them as they don’t have this amazing love for themselves that you have.

What happens when you feel sorry for someone? You want to help them. How can you be angry with someone that you feel sorry for and want to help – you can’t. So not only does the anger fade away but the jealousy, envy, resentment guilt etc etc. Believe me loving yourself is the most beneficial thing that you can ever learn to do, but don’t believe me, just try it and see for yourself.

There are lots of lessons and exercises that you can do towards loving yourself. Call 07412 443313 for more details.

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