Confidence tips

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  1. Fake it till you make it (IT REALLY WORKS) Posture - Shoulders back chin in the air Facial expressions Smiling Breathing

  2. How we spend time Are we using our time wisely – for our good? Who are we spending time with – are you surrounded by people you want to be like? Do we feel we are wasting ourselves – are we capable of so much more? Do that thing that you have been putting off, do it now

  3. Internal Dialogue Core confidence – do you love and respect yourself? What are you telling yourself – is it negative talk or positive talk? Speak thoughts out loud – watch your thoughts. Become aware of them as much as possible. Affirmations – I respect myself and I will make positive changes to fulfil my potential. Mood management – write a diary, what starts the low moods? Can we turn them into high moods?

  4. Awareness What are your insecurities – Do you still need them? Keep a record of them - diary Left hand side negative. - right hand side positive

  5. Accountability Slow down take your time – be aware of how you are feeling, how is your body and mind today? Focus on what you are good at – enjoy the feeling that this gives you. Be proud of yourself. Let your genius out – Don’t keep your light under a bushel – believe in yourself! Deep breathing – calms and gives you time to think What to focus on – Focus on the one thing that you are doing. Try not to do one thing whilst thinking of another.

  6. Action Act in line with what you see yourself as – Act as if you already are/have/achieved Dream big think big - be and act as if it’s already happened. What job/relationship – What do you really want To Do? To Be? To Have? Then when you are in a sticky position think about what you really want – Do you want to be stuck in this rut forever? Pieces of a puzzle – what pieces of your life do you want to keep and what pieces do you want to change?

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