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Compassion at Work Toolkit

In July 2017, the National Forum on Health and Wellbeing at Work met to focus on the role and impact of empathy and compassion in the workplace.  Fiona Meechan presented her work on this topic and in response to this meeting, Fiona developed the Compassion at Work Toolkit which sets out the business case for compassion at work.

The toolkit describes what can happen in organisations when empathy and compassion are missing and shows some of the evidence which demonstrates that adopting a compassionate approach in organisations improves not only employee wellbeing, but also productivity.  A range of suggestions for embedding empathy and compassion in the workplace are provided.

The Toolkit is a free resource and has been seen by over 12,000 people all over the world.  Some feedback includes:

  • “I highly recommend this Compassion at Work Toolkit. It's an important contribution to the efforts to create more compassionate workplaces. I think anyone interested in this work will find it to be a useful reference.” – Cory Custer, Director of Compassion, Seattle, USA


  • “A wonderful toolkit which I have been recommending to my clients” – Mary Freer, Social Change Maker, Adelaide, Australia


  • “Brilliant resource” – Gillian Coutts, Director and Author, Sydney, Australia


  • “This is fantastic.” – Mark Hyde, Senior Corporate Physician, Miami, USA


  • “It is a ‘must have’ for any wellbeing course.  It’s given our trainers some extra material for our Feel Well Live Well for Leaders.  Thank you.”  - Janine Jury, Psychological Therapist, UK


  • “An excellent resource with some really positive concepts I’ve passed it on to a number of friends and colleagues that may have an interest great to see such a positive outlook on how employees should be valued” – Dave Pascoe, Police Officer, UK


  • “Fantastic toolkit for organisations to embed compassion – and the best part is that it starts with #selfcompassion” – Amanda Super, Chartered Psychologist, Manchester, UK


You can download the Toolkit for free here and please do use it and share it widely:




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