Combating Anxiety in Gibraltar

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We are so happy to be travelling to Gibraltar in October and November to help combat the Anxiety issues on the Rock. 

A spokesman told me "Anxiety is becoming an epidemic, we are doing everything that we can to help anxiety sufferers in Gibraltar, however, I believe it is growing and becoming an International problem." 

We live life at such a fast pace. When looking at the brain wave patterns, our optimum place to live is in Beta Waves - 12-40Hz. This is our waking state. It increases on the scale when we are busy, facing a challenge or having an interesting discussion and decreases when we are working, reading or doing more relaxing tasks.

If we live in a heightened state, stressed or anxious we change to - Gamma Waves 40-100Hz (fight or flight mode). Our busy schedules, stressful jobs, challenging relationships - trying to be everything to everybody, just doesn't work long term. It's like driving a car down the motorway at 70mph in second gear. Before long out engine will burn out, and we will create anxiety, stress and then panic attacks within ourselves.

The more we fight our minds and our bodies to "Just keep going", "I am not giving in", the faster we move towards anxiety. The more we supress our emotions, our stress, our fear the more they grow. We have to realise that our mind's and body's need a rest, they need a time to be bored, they need a time for reflection, for having fun, for just being you!

People say to me, "Oh it's such a Cliché this work life balance, it's only for the weak" To remain strong I believe that you have to balance the following 5 parts of you:

1. The mind - emotions, feelings, likes and dislikes and facing your fears

2. The body - cells, tissue, nerves, organs, muscles, body system, the gut PH levels

3. Your creative self - being creative in whichever way is right for you

4. The soul - Being the witness to your thoughts, being at one with yourself and nature

5. Your energy - who are you spending your time with. Surround yourself with people who you want to be like. Rest when needed. Be selfish, after all if you dont look after yourself what have you got left to give to others.

Anxiety can be reduced and with time completely removed from your life!

Why not start today. After all it's the first day of the rest of your life.   0044 7412443313


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