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Due to the amount of response from my visit to Gibraltar in November I am travelling back again this January. My aim is to help as many people as possible whilst on the Rock.

Anxiety is causing havoc with people all over the World, we have to learn a new way to think to combat this epidemic, whilst also removing trauma along the way. Then attaining the life that we deserve to have.

Our Conscious mind has over 40,000 thoughts per day, that on top of the millions of sensory perceptions every second, on top of the stress of living in this instant gratification society, and feeling that we constantly have to impress everyone in case they judge us also we have to be perfect along the way, phew! - No wonder we are anxious.

This does not comply with a peaceful, successful, happy existence and a calm mind.

We have to learn how to become unconsciously competent at being good to ourselves, this will then set successful programs and beliefs in our unconscious mind that we then live to as our default mechanism. This is a new way of life, however, once achieved is easy. At the end of the day, if you already have 40,000 thoughts every day, all you have to do is change them, right?. Eckhart Tolle believes that when we are not being the witness to our thoughts, we can become addicted to negative thinking and that 75% of our daily thoughts can then become negative 

What you focus on becomes your reality! We live approximately 75% internally and only around 25% of our existence comes from the external world, shocking eh? so when we are thinking negatively internally, then we are attracting things in the outside world to be negative about. Our minds have unique internal filters that filter information from the outside world to prove that we are right and to back up our belief systems - EVEN WHEN WE ARE WRONG!. When you buy a new car you see them everywhere, is that because everyone just suddenly bought one too? - NO it’s just that your focus is on that thing, so your mind is filtering in the evidence. So please, start witnessing your thoughts, are they negative or positive and then ask yourself, is my thinking doing me good (in my internal world) or is it doing me absolutely no good whatsoever?

What has this got to do with Anxiety? Everything, watch your positive thinking rise, watch your anxiety reduce.

I teach people about how the mind works, I give them exercises to combat the constantly nagging voice in the mind, I help them to remove and assess old stuck beliefs that no longer serve their greater good for their future. I help them to pull apart and analyse the part of them that is anxious, we recreate new parts, relook at how this affects them and how they can combat it. We remove old trauma that is the root of the problem. Then they begin a new life with new filters and new focus. Happy, confident and a new self belief.

Many of my clients change drastically even after the first 90 minutes session. Do you want to change your life today?

When you have made your appointment with me, things will start to change.

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