"If you want something that you have never had, you have to do something that you have never done"

Anxiety and Depression Specialist

Are you struggling with life alone? Please don't, Just by making a few small changes, your life can begin to change for the better, right here, right now. My clients tell me that their lives changed the day that we spoke on the phone and made that appointment. Sometimes its the hardest thing to do but its always the most rewarding.

Make that commitment to yourself. Be selfish, put yourself first for once, it's the only way to be able to be the best you, for the people that you love. In just 1 session you will be given tools to begin the change. To walk the path to a life full of wonder and courage. You will learn ways to deal with stress and anxiety and achieve an ability to look into the future and face the challenges ahead with confidence and renewed strength.

My clients cannot believe the changes that happen in their lives once they have started to work with me. I Provide them with tools and exercises that they need to begin to re-build and work towards securing a future full of promise.

" I didn't want to get out of bed, socialise or speak to anyone. Life was just too much for me to handle. I didn't see any way out and then I met Melanie, from the first session with her I began to feel lighter and then I began to feel hope, hope for a future without having to feel like I was. Within 6 weeks I was becoming the person that I could be proud of. More confirdent. I could sleep, I started to socialise. 3 months later I am a new me. Still work to do but boy I love life again! Something I thought I would never hear myself saying.

Paul - Bury - Testimonial

In learning to Love ourselves we find a new strength within. When we stop thinking for others or thinking that we know what others think of us, we keep our power and our energy. In losing the need to judge people we find the time to plan a new life for ourselves full of amazing opportunities. In learning to be ourselves and accept ourselves we realise how worthy of love and respect we really are.

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Do you want to .......

  • Be Happy
  • Be More Confident
  • Hold Better Relationships
  • Feel Stronger
  • Feel Calmer
  • Run your own business
  • Be able to handle challenging situations
  • Follow your dreams
  • Be Slimmer and have willpower
  • To find that perfect partner
  • To get that promotion
  • To be the you that you always wanted to be

If you answered yes to any of the above, my approach to therapy will Change Your Life

Are you struggling with...

  • Depression, no energy, no motivation
  • Anxiety, not coping, tight feeling inside
  • Grief, loss, devastation, adandonment
  • Trauma, not wanting to be anywhere with anyone
  • Nightmares, sleepless nights
  • Anger, frustration, aggression
  • Stress, scared, frightened of everything
  • Energy Levels, lost, wanting to stay in bed
  • Loneliness, isolated, powerless
  • Relationships, being understood, feeling worthwhile
  • PTSD PTSS, shock, disillusioned
  • Sadness, remorse, victimisation

If you answered yes to any of the above, my eclectic mix of therapies will give you hope and lead you to the Life that you Deserve to Have !

Take that first brave step TODAY to a new life and a new you

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Training Programmes available to suit your needs

  • Stress/Anxiety Relief
  • Health and Well-being
  • Medication and Chronic Pain Reduction
  • Mindfulness
  • Motivation
  • Workplace Well-being
  • Confidence and inner strength 
  • Brain Training your way to a brighter future
  • Team building
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Areas covered

I'm based near Manchester but work Nationally and Internationally.

We can work together face to face if you can travel or via Skype or facetime for people further afield.

Mind Bootcamp, Seminars, and training courses offered and can be booked Nationally or Internationally.

You can contact me on 07412 443313 or by emailing mell@achievehappiness.co.uk

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My sessions with Melanie provided me with the tools that I needed to make clear achievable goals for myself both personally and professionally. I found my sessions with Mell surprisingly pleasant, for the first time I was able to make decisions for myself due to my increased confidence and clarity. I felt that I always progressed and was both productive and effective. This experience has changed my whole outlook on life and has given me the ability to take my life in any direction that I choose. I will always come back for Mell’s coaching. Portia X. Portia, Chelsea, London
My Coaching sessions with Mell have been extremely inspiring. She has triggered my self-belief in my capacity and capability to achieve. At the beginning of our sessions I had lost direction and my enthusiasm for life, but with her skill she helped me to find my own answers, clear stuck old beliefs and a happiness that I never thought possible. I would recommend Mell if you want your life to change hugely for the better !!! Howard. Howard S, Bury St Edmonds
Testimonial from Elizabeth 6 sessions 2016 Since I have been seeing Mell I feel 100 times better. My confidence has increased greatly, I now have a sense of self-worth which I never had before. I am able to use the telephone by myself to sort out queries and arrange appointments etc. I couldn’t do this before as It made me feel anxious. Other people had to do this for me. I am now able to express my feelings in a more productive way and am able to stand up for myself better, instead of being scared of confrontation. The previous 12 months were a blur as I was unable to do any of thes things for myself and I couldn’t think straight. I feel very proud now that I am able to do these things without having to rely on others. Mell helped me greatly deal with my grief and helped me to move my life forward. I now feel confident in doing everyday tasks now as they were such a minefield before. I feel truly grateful and privileged to have met an worked with Mell and I will continue to use the strategies and tools she has put in place to continue in moving me forward. I cannot thank her enough for all of the help that she has given me. Liz X Elizabeth S, Castleton
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Practitioner Member of INLPTA - Quality Professionalism Ethics

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